Cavallo Energy Texas LLC
A representative of the Texas General Land Office State Power Program
Cavallo Energy Texas Is an employee-owned, privately held organization formed for the sole purpose of marketing and supplying the Texas General Land Office State Power Program (TSPP).

We offer customized customer solutions and specialized products designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the Public Retail Customer  - Cities, Counties, State Agencies, Hospital Districts, Colleges and Universities, Taxing Entities, and more - to satisfy their energy procurement objectives.

Our focus is only on the Public Sector Consumer and their specialized needs. We employ the best in practices and technologies to effectively manage the switching, billing, remittance, processing, reporting and other customer services on behalf of the Texas General Land Office.

We are classified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and are certified by the Texas State Comptroller as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

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Cavallo Energy Texas, LLC
 4295 San Felipe, Suite 200
 Houston, TX    77027
 Phone:   713-280-5000
      Fax:   713-583-8938

GLO State Power Program

Benefits Include:

  • State of Texas bidding and procurement law requires a formal bid process for procurement of goods and services which cannot be sole-sourced and cost over $25,000 annually.  The GLO agreement is Interlocal and is exempt from competitive bidding or Request For Proposal requirements.
  • Multiple Pricing Options - For budget certainty, we offer Fixed rates that can be locked in over the term of your contract. For those with more flexibility, we offer Indexed Pricing to take advantage of market downturns. You can also take advantage of both options and divide you contract between Fixed and Index pricing

  • Flexible Contract Terms - Our contracts are designed specifically for the Public Retail Customer. We work closely with you to answer all questions and to meet your particular needs.

  • Savings - Unlike for-profit REP's, the State Power Program (SPP) is exempt from Gross Receipt Tax (GRT) and Public Utility Commission Assessment (PUCA) fees and passes this savings direct to its customers.

  • Supports the Texas Permanent School Fund - Texas school districts are directly benefited by the SPP.  Proceeds generated by the SPP are deposited into the Permanent School Fund

  • Transparency - No hidden fees

Who Is Eligible? 

Public Retail Customers Include:

Public School Districts

Cities & Municipalities


Public Colleges & Universities

  Military Bases & Veteran Facilities

Taxing Entities within the ERCOT system

Electric Choice for Sharyland

Customers Coming in 2014!

Contact Cavallo Now!
Customers in the Sharyland Utilities service area will soon have the right to choose their electric provider as the transition to retail choice at Sharyland Utilities' transitions to a deregulated electricity market.

Starting in 2014, some 44,000 customers of Sharyland Utilities in 28 different counties of Texas including Brady, Celeste, Colorado City, Stanton, Mission and McAllen, will have electric competition available.  

What makes this process unique from the prior  deregulation process is that Sharyland does not have an incumbent electricity provider for customers to default to when the regions open up to electric competition.  Prior to May, 1 2014, Sharyland's Customers will be given an advanced opportunity to shop for a low electric rate from a retail electric provider (REP) with no interruption in service.  Any customers who do not switch ahead of May 1, 2014 will be randomly assigned to a "default" retail electric provider (default REP). 

More importantly, the Public Utility Commission will not regulate electric rates charged by the default REP.  The rate charged by the default REP shall be a market-based, "month-to-month" product, which means the electric rate could change every month. So customers who do not choose a REP may be subject to large swings in their electric rate. Thus, it is crucial for customers to shop for a low electric rate prior to the assignment of customers to the default REP.

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